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Social Media Strategy

Content is king and consistency is key. Creating a social media strategy allows you to think ahead and plan accordingly in order to reach your target audience when and where they’ll be listening. The creation and execution of a strategy includes a weekly content calendar, visual assets, copywriting, and community management. 

Influencer Seeding

Collaborating with key digital influencers opens the door for your product to be introduced to an audience that may otherwise have never been exposed to your brand. Sometimes a simple product placement is all you need and other times you may want to share a bigger story by creating a customized blogger campaign or giveaway.

Social Analytics


Actionable analytics are crucial in the continual development of your social strategy. Monitoring your growth, engagement, and impressions can teach us how to create even more stimulating content for your audience. Your weekly analytics report also includes an overview of the top competitors’ growth and notable social campaigns.

Paid Media

On average, a post made to a Facebook page reaches less than 3% of its intended opt-in audience. By committing a dollar amount to boost posts and advertise across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, you have the opportunity to ensure that the content you share is seen by your followers and shared with a new, potential customer set.


A little about me

Growing up with a father who taught his three children how to build their own computers in the early 90’s, it was practically inevitable that I would end up pursuing a career in digital. After graduating with two degrees from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, I began my career in design and quickly shifted my focus to the social space in 2011. 

I have worked with brands to create and implement social strategies, produce photoshoots, and develop relationships with key influencers internationally. In May of 2015, I accepted the offer to serve as an advisor for social analytics startup, Sparktrend. 

I like solving problems, being a witness to positive results, and building meaningful relationships in this place we call the World Wide Web.







Being present on the social channels that your audience engages with is imperative to the success of your business. Customers rely on social media as a way to communicate directly with a brand and expect to see new releases within seconds of their debut. 

The average American checks their social media accounts at least one time every waking hour. Don’t you think it’s time to start hanging where they hang?



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