1. Pretty Patterns and Pretty Places

Don’t get me wrong, a perfectly painted, solid hue on a city wall can become a glorious backdrop, but there’s something magical about finding that extra special spot for your money shot. Not only does it add interest to your image, but it can create curiosity from your audience. “Where is that? I need to go!” 



My biggest pet peeve on Instagram: BLURRY PHOTOS. Unless the blur is intentional and artsy, this just looks like a mistake that takes one too many seconds for your eyeballs to process. Hold that camera steady, tap the screen once to adjust your focus, and shoot. There’s nothing quite like a crisp, clean photo for Instagram. 


3. Choose Your Subject

Whether your subject is one human or a table full of lunch-time goodies, choose your subject and let everything else become the support. If you’re shooting an outfit photo or highlighting a particular product, ideally you want the subject to fall in the center or slightly off center to the frame. 


4. Choose Filters Wisely

Filters have the ability to become our best friends - don’t let them be your worst enemy. With so many choices, sometimes it can be difficult to determine which filter is right for your photo. One thing to keep in mind while you’re building your feed is that you consistently stick with 1 to 2 filters for all of your photos, keeping your feed consistent and eye catching. 


5. Natural Light

Natural light is the secret sauce to creating the perfect Instagram photo. Who can resist a sun flare? A soft beam of light coming in through a window? The color and quality of your photo will benefit if you shoot while the sun is out (but not directly over head). If you need to shoot when the sun has already set (or God forbid, before it rises), make sure you’re equipped with the right lighting.