1. @WWESubway

Whether you're a fan of WWE and/or Subway sandwiches or not, this account will make you laugh out loud. A clever combination of moments experienced at the chain restaurant with epic moments from on of the most intense sports out there results in a comedic representation that we can all relate to. 

2. @dennysdiner

The Denny's Diner account is one that I would have never expected to become a super fan of. The brand does an incredibly clever job speaking to their target market in a voice that they can not only relate to and find joy in, but also feel so inclined to favorite, retweet, and share over and over.

3. @CooITweetsHere 

@CooITweetsHere (spelled with a capital "i" in place of the "L") is one account that I can always count on to make me laugh. Consistently sharing great, humorous content of all kinds, this one is never a letdown. A little bit of celebrity is sprinkled in here and there as well. 

4. @alanhungover

Always funny and sometimes a little bit crude, follow @alanhungover for consistently entertaining content. 

5. @perspective_pic

Less funny content than the previous four accounts, but extremely entertaining content nonetheless. There surely isn't a shortage of clever and insightful content here.

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