When a business starts developing a social media strategy, oftentimes LinkedIn is the ugly stepchild that repeatedly finds itself feeling neglected. For many businesses, LinkedIn can be a prime location for building loyal supporters and sharing relevant industry information that your customers care about. 

 Source:  Inc  .

Source: Inc.

LinkedIn is inherently a professional social network compared to other, more community driven networks. The content that performs best on LinkedIn is educational, resourceful, and relevant to your specific industry. Blog posts, success stories, business innovations, media placements, and “work-life stuff” is the kind of content your business should be sharing on LinkedIn (quite different than the content you're sharing on Facebook and Instagram). 

Once you’ve determined that LinkedIn is a place your business should be present and you’ve committed to creating and curating appropriate content for this unique platform, there are a few simple steps you can take to encourage your page to shine: 

1. Encourage your employees to claim their company

By encouraging your team to update their LinkedIn profiles and claim the business as their current employer, they automatically become followers of the company page. This ties them (and their network) to the company and grows the number of followers for the page.

2. Promote your company page

This seems like a no-brainer, but often times gets lost in the everyday hustle. Don’t forget to include links out to your company page in email signatures, newsletters, and blog posts. The more opportunity you give your customers to stumble upon your page, the more likely they will be to follow.

3. Add a “follow” button to your website

The footer of your website is where visitors trust they can go to for quick information - including your social media platforms. Make sure that LinkedIn is included alongside of Facebook, Twitter, and your other social icons.

4. Launch a “follow” ad campaign

By launching a “follow” ad campaign on LinkedIn, you can target members based on things like industry, company, or location to capture the audience that will engage most with your content. When a new follower joins your company page, their action spreads through their own network and can encourage others to hop onboard too. 

5. Optimize your page for search

Include relevant keywords in the description of your company page as well as in the content that you share in your feed. If you’re sharing content with a long description, take advantage of the opportunity and choose words that Google will favor in search results.

6. Share content that people care about

We talked a bit about the type of content that people are looking for on LinkedIn in comparison to other social platforms, but I will reiterate the fact that content is king (always). Include images with your posts, don’t be afraid to share video content where it’s relevant, and do share job opportunities (these tend to lead directly to page follows).